Slidell Oil Company, LLC formed in June of 1948 as a Shell Oil Jobber.  Mr. W. A. “Buster” Baker purchased the company just a few years later, in October of 1952, and twenty one years later his son, Mr. W. A. “Bill” Baker, Jr., joined him in business.

Mr. Bill Baker’s sons continued the family fuel tradition into the third generation with Brian Baker beginning in 1996, and Keith Baker in 1998.

The Baker brothers pride themselves and their family on the incredible progress they have made over the years and continue to make, always while striving for perfection. When you think Slidell Oil, think family, and know that you’d be a welcome member.

At Slidell Oil Company, LLC we are focused on providing  superior products and services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We’ll treat you like family.



A message from the GM:

What are we selling?


Well, if you want to sell something, there are five (5) key components.


First is location. A real estate person will say the three most important factors in selling something is location, location, location. Location IS very important, but once a store is built, it is more than likely not going anywhere on location alone.


Second is price. Price is also important. If someone wants something at the lowest possible price, they are likely going to “Wal-Mart”. But if you save $5 and spend an extra hour of your time, did you really “save”? Is your time not worth more than $5 an hour?


The same concept goes for gas. Do you drive five miles further and wait in a line that is three cars deep to save 32cents (2cents per gallon on 16 gallons)? Is that worth it? By the way, with the Shell fleet card, Shell Total Rewards Card, and soon the Purple Cow preferred payment card you can save, and not have to wait to do it! What a value!


Third is store image and cleanliness. Is it worth shopping in a pigpen to save a few pennies? How about clean restrooms? That has to be worth a lot!


Fourth is “in-stock”. If a Snickers is your favorite candy bar and you go into a store where there are none available, what good is that? Are they out of Snickers as often as they have Snickers in-stock? Basically, do they have what you want when you want it?


Fifth, and definitely not a case of last is least, is SCS. What is SCS? SCS stands for SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do you like to be called by name when you go places to shop? Do you like a smiling face and greeting? How about a sincere thank you? Is that worth something?


I see people drive out of their way and pay a few more pennies to shop in a little, messy store where they end up buying a Reeses cup when they really wanted a Snickers ALL BECAUSE OF SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!


It really is about value at the end of the day, and all of the things I mentioned above, add up to a better value proposition. We, at Purple Cow, want, try and are those things for our valued guests because we are nothing without the customer.